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David Blaine Self Tying Shoelace Magic Trick

David Blaine performed this excellent self tying shoe lace trick on TV. Watch the trick and then learn a clever way of performing the magic.

Here is a clip of David performing the shoe laces trick on his television special program. You can watch the street magic being performed and then learn the secret on the second magic instruction video on this page.


This magic instruction video will show you how to perform this clever street magic trick.


So you can see that this very convincing street magic trick has a simple explanation. This trick again reinforces the importance of a magician adding entertainment value to his performance by using some entertaining chat to build up some some suspense and mystery to the trick. David Blaine is not only a very good accomplished magician but is also able to add a real realm of mystery to his tricks, elevating even a simple trick into a very entertaining performance.

You can find lots of other cool street magic tricks to learn on the main Street Magic Tricks page on this website.