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Easy Coin Production - Pull Coins From Thin Air

This is an easy coin production method, which after a little practice will have you producing coins from the air, smoothly and convincingly

Effect: Although the magicians hand is shown to be empty and open, he is able to reach into the air and grab coin after coin from nowhere. Allthough deceptively easy to learn, this coin sleight looks very convincing and is a powerful coin magic sleight to use in your magic routines.

How To Do The Trick :

The coin magic video tutorial on this page will show you the coin sleight being performed and then will explain the easy secret to be able to perform the trick. Watch and learn.


Should you wish to see a lot more cool coin vanishes and secrets. Basic to advanced moves and sleights as well as some of the best and most impressive tricks can be found in Modern Coin Magic: 116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks which is one of the most essential magic books and worthwhile reading available to today's magician