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String Magic Trick

A version of this trick was performed by David Blaine.

Effect: The magician is seen to roll some thread into a ball in his fingers.

The thread then appears to be placed in his mouth and he appears to swallow it.

The magician appears to be in pain, when he bares his stomach and visibly pulls the thread out from it.

Items: Thread, two pieces of the same coloured thread.

"New skin" latex clear paint for covering cuts and grazes or other brand of latex paint. This liquid paint is normally available from pharmacies.

Method: You need to paint a one to two inch square area on your stomach with the latex. When it dries you can pull it gently away from the skin to form a pocket.

Place one piece of thread in the pocket, leaving a small piece sticking out.

Cover the latex pocket with make up to match the colour of your skin.

The latex pocket can alternatively be made by attaching a piece of skin coloured latex that has been cut from a halloween mask. This could be attached by using the latex paint as glue.

The performance is done by the magician rolling one of the pieces of thread into a ball and then pretending to place the thread in his mouth, retaining the thread between his thumb and finger. Then he pretends to swallow the string.
Remember, in the interests of safety, do not put the string in your mouth. The small ball of string retained between the thumb and finger will not be noticed by the spectator and can be easily discarded out of sight.

The rest of the trick depends on acting the pain enhancing the illusion that the thread has pushed its way through the magicians stomach.

The thread can then be pulled from the latex pocket.                                                                                                         Stealth Secrets

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