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Fruit Loops Pop Up Card Trick

Free Street Magic Style Card Trick. David Blaine Performed A Version Of This Cool Card Trick

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Incorporated into David Blaine's "Ambitious Card" routine. A signed card is placed into the centre of the deck - with a snap of the fingers the card returns to the top.

The card is again placed into the centre of the deck, another snap of the fingers and once more the card returns to the top.

The magician now takes the end of the face-up signed card and proceeds to bend it almost double, he turns the bent card face down, cuts off the bottom half of the deck and holds the deck at eye level where the bent card can be clearly seen on top. Still holding the cards at eye level the magician places the cut portion on top of the bent card, sandwiching it at the centre.

The magician holds his right hand above the cards, a snap of the fingers and the bent card passes up through the deck and pops up on the top, it is displayed and seen to be the signed card !



Fan the deck face-up and have your volunteer select a card by touching it.

As you close the fan, cut the deck one card below the chosen card and take that portion to the top of the pack. Pack is still face up at this point.


Turn the deck over and Double Lift the top two cards displaying the chosen card. Have the chosen card signed on the face. Now return the "double lifted" card(s) face down on top of the pack.

Ask the volunteer to snap his fingers - turnover the top card to show that the signed card has returned to the top !

Place the signed card to one side.

You now have two problems.

One: You must lose the card in the centre again.

Two: At the same time you must control the chosen card to a position second from the top (in order to perform the Pop Up Card effect).

Both problems can be solved with one move.....

Hold the deck in the dealing position with a little finger break under the top card. The deck is then held (left hand) with the deck almost at right angles to the floor, in this position use the left thumb to split the deck halfway saying "That looks like about halfway doesn't it" ? The break held by the little finger should be hidden by the base of the thumb.

Pick up the signed card and bring it in from the rear, giving the appearance of returning the card at the halfway split - it is actually returned into the break held by the little finger - beneath the top card. (This move requires a lot of practice in front of a mirror.)

Once the card has been returned, the hands/cards are brought back to a level position.

Have the volunteer snap their fingers and with some flair and a riffle, double lift the signed card and place it out-jogged (face-up) on top of the deck.

Take the outer end of the face up (double lifted) signed card with your right hand and bend it almost in half, then turn the (double lifted) bent signed card face down (leaving it bent).

The right hand now cuts the deck into two (Biddle grip) and the left thumb openly slips off the top bent card onto the bottom portion of the deck as the right hand (holding the top portion)is withdrawn to the right.

The right index finger must keep pressure on the bent signed card which is on top of the half that is being held in the right hand.

Hold the left hand portion at eye level where the bent card can be clearly seen. Still holding the cards at eye level, place the right hand portion of cards on top of the bottom half, sandwiching the bent card in the centre.

The left hand thumb and index finger must now take control of the deck and hold down the bent signed card on top of the pack, ensuring that it doesn't pop up prematurely.

The magician holds his right index finger above the cards and asks the volunteer to snap his fingers, at that moment the magician releases the pressure on the top card and up it Pops !!

Turn the card over, to reveal, once again, the signed card.  

This trick is good in its basic form but can really be hyped with some good patter and performance from you.

Fan deck, spectator touches chosen card.   Deck is cut one card below the spectators chosen card. Cut top of deck to bottom.   Double lift top two cards. Spectator signs the card with its face showing.   Lift top card. Spectator cuts pack. Top card inserted in deck.

Signed card is shown to have returned to top of the deck.   Holding deck at angle in photo, make small pinky break in cards.   Insert card in pinky break and return deck to horizontal angle.   Turn over top two double lifted cards and outjog them a little.

Holding the two cards as one, bend almost double.   Bend the two cards almost double in the other direction.   Bent card(s) are put back on top of pack and the top card is placed in the middle of the deck.   The other (spectators chosen one) bent card now at top of pack is held in place with your forefinger.

Release your finger and the card should jump up.