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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks to learn at your own speed.

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The most popular free magic trick variety. A little magic practice will help you to do cool card tricks and easy magic.
Learn some powerful crowd pleasers here !

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Learn magician misdirection sleights and have fun as you discover some cool dealer secrets and handling skills. Top training tips revealed to help impress and entertain your audience every time with our step by step photo instruction and easy card trick tutorial videos.

The most beneficial start you can give yourself when starting to learn card magic is to familiarise yourself with a few basic sleights such as the double lift, the elmsley count. a false shuffle and how to force a card as these basic moves will be used over and over again as the mechanics of hundreds of card tricks.

Learn how an ordinary pack of playing cards can become an important piece of kit in every street magician such as Dynamo's props. Whether a poker playing wizard or an occasional gin rummy player, card magician magic has universal appeal.

Start off by learning some easy card tricks with our tutorials and as you develop the basic skills you can then move on to more advanced illusions.

It may take a while to reach David Blaine or Criss Angel standard but you should have a lot of fun along the way. A good book for learning card magic is The Royal Road to Card Magic which is a card magic classic and and a valuable learning aid.